Team @ PakiPay.Com

Ahmed Memon:
CSE - Chief Software Engineer

Ahmed Memon, Graduate from Sir Syed University, Karachi

Jamal Panwar
Bsc from Mir Pur Khas University, Pakistan
Involved in the Computer Field Since 1996
11 Years Experience in Travel Field.

Rehan Ahmed
Founder from Karachi University
Envolved in Computer Products since 1984
Founded Pakistan Computers ( Parent Company for in 1987

Previous Products.
Paki.Com - Founder - 1996 - Islamic Internet Library - Founder - Founder - 1998 - Node Operator - 1996 - Founder & Designer
Kall8.Com - Concept Designer - Beta Tester for Pakistan - 1996 - Concept Designer - Concept Designer, Patent Holder
Cybarea Corporation - Ny, Ny.

consist of a few hardworking Internet Entrepreneur‘s who found a need of an online Payment system in Pakistan was lacking.

So they sat together and came up with

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