PakiPay merchant account : enables any business to become an Instant Merchant account, to conduct business over the Internet.

You can sell ANYTHING you want over the internet, with our Instant PakiPay Merchant Account.

Not only that, we will feature your website, on our PakiPay Web Shop‘s and send you more customer‘s then ever, and all this for FREE.

There is NO Setup Fee, No Per Month Fee, No Transaction Fee and you get to conduct Business over the Internet, Safely, Securely, and without delays.

Using PakiPay Merchant Service is very easy, Just signup, make a link to sell your item, or just ask the customer to send you, your payment via PakiPay to your email address, and you can ship them the product they want or Provide them your services.

You can be a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Artist, or Even an Online Mitahi Delivery Service, and you can Instantly Become a PakiPay Merchant.

Signup Now for an Instant Online Payment System you were waiting for. Signup for PakiPay.

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