Frequently Asked Questions :

What does PakiPay do?
PakiPay is a quick and easy way for businesses and entrepreneurs to accept payments online, and a popular way for people to send money to each other on the Internet. PakiPay enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently, and cost-effectively send and receive these payments.

The PakiPay network extends the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and creates a inside Pakistan, and global payment solution. PakiPay products are ideally suited for small businesses, ISP’s, Phone Companies, online merchants, individuals and others currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms.

What are the core components of the PakiPay business?

E-Commerce services for businesses & individuals
- PakiPay enables quick and easy payment processing for websites, ISP’s, Phone Companies, Pre Paid Card Services, classified ads, auction sites, and email - anywhere a person wants to collect payments online. Use PakiPay to:

sell products to PakiPay users in Pakistan or the U.S.
collect subscription or recurring payments
ISP Bills.
Mobile Phone Cards Bills.
gather donations or "tips"
get instant notification when you receive payments

Internet Service Provides - Automated tools for ISP’s to collect there monthly payments online, without the hassle.

Person-to-person payment services - Forget the checks, stamps & envelopes when you send money to friends and family. With PakiPay you can:

Send money online from a credit card or bank account, or PakiPay Cash Cards, or PakiPay Collection Centers.
Request money from an individual or group
Use a virtual debit card for safe and easy online shopping

How does PakiPay make money?

PakiPay offers its payment service free of charge to Pakistani consumers for personal use. Business will requires a Premier or Business account, which provides premium features for a low fee. These transaction fees will provide the great majority of PakiPay revenues.

In addition, PakiPay provides international and vendor services for which there are additional charges. PakiPay will also earns revenue from use of the PakiPay credit card and the PakiPay ATM/debit card, Cash Card’s, and Collection Centers.

What is a PakiPay Collection Center ?

PakiPay will have collection centers, all around Pakistan, which can be used to receive and make payments to customer’s who want to use PakiPay.Com. There collection centers, will accept cash, and give receipts to the client, and then that cash can be used to send payment to anyone in Pakistan.

What is PakiPay Cash Card?

PakiPay cash card is also another kind of collection system, Customer’s will be able to buy these cash card’s and these card’s will enable the customer to add funds to there account, enabling them then to use this money to be sent to anyone else in Pakistan.

Are there any Funds limitations in PakiPay ?

Yes, PakiPay users will have a funds limitation of 10,000 Rupees or 100$Us a month at this time, which will be increased in the future.

Can I use my credit card to send payment ?

Yes, you will be able to use your credit card to send payments.

I am have a web site, can I accept payment via PakiPay ?

Yes, You can, just create an account, and let your customer’s send you payment to your email address.

Who can I pay using PakiPay ?

You can pay ANYONE with an email address, anywhere in Pakistan, or the united states.

I live in the United States, can I send money to Pakistan, with ?

Yes, you can send money using any PakiPay/westernUnion Payment service to Pakistan.

Can I buy Stock’s in Karachi Stock Exchange via ?

Yes, you can even buy stocks via a PakiPay merchant . They accept

How do I become a PakiPay merchant, and start receiving payments?

You can do this by signing up for online, and place logo’s or information on your web site.

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